Name a Whale

As part of the 2011 Zooniverse advent calendar we’ve created a fun competition for Whale FM where you get to name a Whale! The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that there is one whale on the site with no name. This unnamed whale was tagged near Norway and has 200 calls in our database. We don’t know anything about it, so we’d like suggestions for names via twitter and the best name/reason will be honoured with a permanent position on Whale FM, as one of our featured cetaceans.

To suggest names, just tweet @WhaleFM (or use hashtag #whalefm) with a name suggestion and reason. The best tweeted suggestion wins and we’ll be deciding in a week’s time or so. The top five will also get an honourable mention on the blog. We’re looking for great names and also great reasons for that name too.

If this competition isn’t enough for you there is also one running over on Planet Hunters too!

[Image shown is Creative Commons image from flickr user rjdudley]

9 responses to “Name a Whale”

  1. Duane Ranard says :

    Name for new whale: Archer Whale

  2. claire says :

    call the whale “HASCOSAY” its old norse meaning “spray from the sea”

  3. Miriam says :

    definitley CALIOPE … it means “the one who has a beautiful voice” in greek …. what could be more appropiate for a being that has so amazing tunes ❤

  4. Steve Biddick says :

    Call this Whale ‘Omerta’

  5. Jorge says :

    godmother,( madrinha )

  6. cleo says :

    My proposal: “Cleocleo” – this is a strong & lucky name.

  7. vdruyen says :

    Mira – meaning wonderfull, astonishing, a star in the constellation Cetus (aka Whale)

  8. Sandhi says :

    Name her: Elahw – Whale It’s what she is: A Whale, and naming her that with it spelt backwards and then forwards or correctly, gets her to and from where she’s going. Elahw-Whale Beautiful

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